Gratitude and Testimonials

The human connection is at the heart of the hospice experience. Each month, we share on this page a collection of recent quotes from patients and their loved ones that illuminate the compassionate care that Hudson Valley Hospice provides and the connection that is made at a such a vital time in each person’s journey.

While these testimonials represent only a small sample of the letters, comments and calls we receive from the thousands of people we serve each year, they remind us of the meaning and the purpose of our work each and every day.

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  • A Patient's Wife
    I was so favorably impressed with my husband's hospice care. I cannot imagine it being any better. All the hospice people were so kind, helpful and patient. I could not have cared for him at home without them.
    A Patient's Wife
  • A Patient's Husband
    The hospice care for my wife was outstanding, and it greatly helped my three children and I through this difficult time. Care and compassion was shared in so many ways.
    A Patient's Husband
  • A Patient
    It's been over two months that I've been enrolled with Hospice. My experience has been wonderful. Your staff goes above and beyond in all situations and they truly listen and care. It's so very refreshing to receive this type of care from people who really do care! They've restored my faith in humanity!
    A Patient
  • Hudson Valley Hospice
    We would like to thank all of the nurses, aides and counselors at Hudson Valley Hospice for the compassion and care they showed for our father at the end of his life. He truly enjoyed the visits and comfort you provided in his time of need. Not only did you care for him, but for all of us as well.
    A Patient's Family
  • Hudson Valley Hospice
    Thank you so much for being there for my mom and I. Her final days were filled with compassion and true caring.
    A Patient's Daughter
  • A Patient's Grandchildren
    Because of you, our grandmother died at home, comfortable in her favorite blanket surrounded by family. You truly make such a difference!
    A Patient's Grandchildren

Patients and Loved Ones

Meet some of the individuals who we have had the honor of serving. Their stories demonstrate the impact our compassionate care can have and how it can help to enrich the lives of both patients and their families.


For Linda, Music Therapy was a chance to reignite her love of poetry. She found an immediate connection with Music Therapy Intern Norene Meyer, and the music they share has had an enormous impact on her and everyone who shared in Linda’s journey.


Listen to John’s story as he describes how Hudson Valley Hospice brought him hope, relief, and help, enabling him to remain connected to his family members throughout his illness.


Susan, the daughter of a Hudson Valley Hospice patient, describes the important difference that hospice made in the life of her ailing father and the family members who cared for him.  She also shares her advice “I only wish I had called sooner.”


The  daughter of a Hudson Valley Hospice patient discusses how getting her mother on hospice early was a blessing, as she was afforded specialized end of life care that would have otherwise been impossible.

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