9-21 Meeting QR Code

SEPT. 21 and 22

The Power of Advance Care Planning 

A Conversation on the Importance of ACP Within a Faith Community

Zoom Webinar: Thursday, September 21 @5PM or Friday, September 22 @11AM

Meeting ID: 698 911 8013
Passcode: 092123

Hosted by: Pastor Corey Kennard

9-28 Meeting QR Code

SEPT. 28

Who is Your Timothy? 

Biblical Support for Advance Care Planning (ACP) in African American Communities

Zoom Webinar: Thursday, September 28 @5:30PM

Hosted by: Pastor Corey Kennard

Our conversation will include:
  • How hope and faith fit into preparing for the future.
  • What will you leave as your “Emotional Legacy”?
  • Biblical concepts surrounding Advance Care Planning
  • Spiritual/cultural beliefs that may influence African American’s willingness to participate in Advance Care Planning.
  • Decreasing health disparities by helping congregants voice “What Matters Most” in their healthcare.
Corey Kennard

Pastor Corey Kennard, MACM, CPXP, is a National Leader in Advance Care Planning Education & Outreach and serves as an activist in the field of healthcare. He is pastor of Amplify Christian Church and Director of Patient Experience at Ascension St. John Hospital in Detroit, Michigan.